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Pãodemónio Releases Debut Album


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Pãodemónio's debut album introduces the band's powerful, groovy, technical, dynamic and fresh sound, developed since the foundation of this group in mid-2013 as a result of an intense work and experiment with various timbric and textural sonic possibilities, arrangement structures and musical ideas.

Along this 45-minute journey, Pirraças Pueris takes the listener through different grooves, moods, colors and dynamics in a very personal musical world rooted in the spirit of the contemporary expression of jazz, metal, rock, funk, hip hop and alternative music.

Pãodemónio is a quartet based in Porto, Portugal. Ricardo Pinto plays electronic keyboards and penned the five compositions recorded on this album. He is joined by Nuno Trocado on guitar, Fábio Almeida on alto and tenor saxophones, and Marcelo Aires on drums. The members are all fresh out of college, where they pursued a degree in Jazz Performance, except for the drummer Marcelo Aires, who studied classical percussion and has been making a name for himself in several high-profile heavy metal bands. Since its inception, Pãodemónio has gathered a very eclectic local following. There's considerable anticipation and excitement for this debut recording.

Tracks include “Karamázov", inspired both by the work of Dostoyevsky and by a Folk Implosion tune. “O Quarto Fechado" features Meshuggah- like rhythmic complexity and extensive collective improvisation. “Efeitos Secundários" is a tribute to the work of Woody Allen. “Pirraças Pueris" explores electronic soundscaping and an ambiance bordering on the “djent" metal subgenre. “Erro" combines fast-moving harmonies with a drum'n'bass-inspired groove.

The album is available on Bandcamp since 12 May 2014, for listening and purchase of a multitude of digital formats. A physical CD edition will be released in early June.

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