Palmer, Garramone and Fisher's Organ Trio: Permutations


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Organist Jeff Palmer and his sidekicks Devin Garramone (alto) and John Fisher (drums) demonstrate that to do a good thing in jazz doesn't always involve taking a long leap into the future of music. On Permutation (Rank 604) they take the organ trio format and place it in a contemporary funk-jazz context.

Jeff Palmer plays a compelling modern Hammond style that owes something to Larry Young, Charles Earland and John Medeski in that he has advanced harmonic line development going on within the funky pacemaking that the band convincingly lays down.

Combine Jeff's richly wide attack with Devin Garramone's fiery alto and the deep grooves established by John Fisher, and you have something that grabs you and does not let go until the last track. All eleven tracks were penned by Palmer. They put the groove within a modern context and give you melodies to remember and enjoy.

Organ trio fans who want something up-to-date will do well to listen to this one. It's quite nicely put together!

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This story appears courtesy of Gapplegate Music Review by Grego Edwards.
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