Oscar Penas Appearing In NYC In Support of New Recording "From Now On"


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Guitarist/Composer Oscar Penas Appearing In NYC In Support of New Recording From Now On

Tuesday, November 1, 7:00 PM at the 55 Bar with Dan Blake (saxophones), Moto Fukushima (bass), Franco Pinna (drums), and very special guest, Gil Goldstein

November 5 at the Bar Next Door with Moto Fukushima (bass), Franco Pinna (drums),

“Oscar's music is inviting and from the soul; finely cultivated and fully realized...his writing and playing have beautiful motion and uniquely sensuous melodies." —Esperanza Spalding

“Oscar is a very dedicated musician with a unique sound and creative writing" —Luciana Souza

“Oscar Peñas has found a way to merge traditional Spanish music with Jazz in a way that seems totally natural and fresh. The songs sound familiar and are totally welcoming. He also recorded them in a natural way, without overproducing them, and allowed himself and the players carte blanche to find their own personalities within the music. A rare quality for records that are produced today and makes it unique and refreshing for all listeners." —Gil Goldstein

Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records recently releasedthe third recording, From Now On, from guitarist/composer Oscar Peñas. In celebration of the new recording Peñas will be appearing in NYC on two occasions, November 1 at The 55 Bar with his quartet, plus special guest, Gil Goldstein, and November 5, in an intimate trio setting at The Bar Next Door.

Utilizing a multi-cultural band with members from the U.S., Japan and Argentina, Peñas delivers an album of music that he is very attached to, as it truly defines who he is as a Barcelona-born/Brooklyn-based composer and improviser. Paradoxically, Peñas feels that he had to be removed geographically from his native Spain to compose the music for From Now On. The recording is many things, but it is predominantly Peñas' personal and heartfelt reflection on his cultural heritage.

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