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Organissimo Releases Highly Anticipated Second Album - This Is The Place


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Lansing, MI – Hot on the heels of their award-winning debut CD (Waiting For The Boogaloo Sisters… PKO Records 020) organissimo is proud to announce the release of their second full length studio album, This Is The Place on Big O Records.

This Is The Place continues organissimo’s development of original ensemble material and further refinement of their signature sound. It features eight brand new original songs as well as a lilting latin re-interpretation of the standard “Tenderly” and Frank Zappa’s rock anthem “Peaches En Regalia”. Not content with simply imitating the great organ groups of yesteryear, This Is The Place naturally extends the legacy of the organ trio in new and exciting directions.

Organist and bandleader Jim Alfredson (Lansing, MI) began writing his own music at the age of eight and at sixteen dedicated himself solely to the Hammond B3. In 1997 he met guitarist Joe Gloss (Lansing, MI), who also started playing at the age of 8. They co-led various groups before meeting drummer Randy Marsh (Grand Rapids, MI), a veteran of the west-Michigan jazz scene, in November of 2000. organissimo was born and very quickly became the premier jazz trio in the state.

Now, with the release of This Is The Place, organissimo is poised to break out nationally. This Is The Place debuted at the #2 spot on the CMJ Adds Chart for its first week and is steadily gaining more stations and more spins. Initial comments and reviews have already praised organissimo’s originality, their fresh sound, and their wide appeal.

For more information, contact Greg Nagy at (810) 569-9570 or greg@organissimo.org.

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