Nu Jazz Entertainment Announces The Presentation Of The Only Jazz & Classical Panels At Midem In 2014!


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Nu Jazz Entertainment has just announced that Managing Director Jerald Miller will be leading the only (two) panels at the MIDEM 2014 (Cannes, France) to deal with Classical, Jazz, World Music & Catalog content. The first panel “The Future of Classical & Jazz” will take place on February 2, 2014 in the “Brands & Fans”central.

From product development to social media, from physical and digital distribution to tour marketing the panel seeks to challenge all attendees to bring their best success stories in how they have helped push the genres of Jazz & Classical music forward, and to challenge the status quo.” Among the panelist will be Barney Fields, Vice President of Highnote Records (US); Johan Lagerloff, CEO of X5 Music Group (Sweden); and Beverly Moore, President of Moore Music Management (Canada). The panel was created as part of the MIDEM OPENMIC contest in a contest was held to gather votes via social media with presentation spots being awarded to the top finalist. “The Future of Jazz & Classical” music garnered the top vote count with over 4,500 votes from around the world.

The second presentation by Nu Jazz Entertainment will be “Social Media for Catalogue & Non-Popular Music”

This presentation focuses on using social media to gain awareness for Jazz, Classical, World, Non-popular music and Catalogue content. By giving solid and best case practices the discussion is geared towards engaging companies on how they can re-think they way they use social media to re-vitalise the sale of non-popular music and catalog content.

“For some time now the digital music conferences have neglected music like Jazz and Classical”, says Nu Jazz Entertainment founder, Jerald Miller. “Even the major labels have done this. In an age were some of the catalog has been released on vinyl LP, 8-track cassette, then audio cassette, Compact Disc, and sometimes as digital downloads – there’s a real quandary about what can be done with content from the 30’s & 40’s or even the 80’s & 90’s to rejuvenate their sales. Our presentations seeks to bring Jazz, Classical and other types of non-popular music to the forefront and create an engaging discussion on were focused on future growth.”

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