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Nostalgia 77 Releases "Everything Under the Sun"


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"Everything Under the Sun" is the brand new LP from Benedic Lamdin. On this new LP the prolific producer explores new territory. Unlike Ben's previous instrumental works, “Everything Under the Sun" is a song-based collection.

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Nostalgia 77
From Everything Under The Sun

Lamdin explains, “I wanted to continue developing the ideas I've explored in the other records, to take the emotional moods that are there and to vocalise them. I wanted to write lyrics that reflected them."

Ben Lamdin, originally form Oxford now living in Brighton, started collecting British Jazz records in the 1990s, his passion and journey into writing and producing continued from there.

In January 2007 under the Nostalgia 77 name he won Jazz Album Of The Year at the BBC Radio One Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards, and was runner up in the Session of the Year category. He has received a stream of critical acclaim for his work since he joined Tru-Thoughts records in 2002. After five albums, including work as the live outfit Nostalgia 77 Octet, his new album “Everything Under the Sun" is a new example of lush, atmospheric, funky Jazz.

The album features vocalist Lizzy Parks on the opening track “Widflower". Gilles Peterson immediately picked out “Wildflower" as a favorite cut, stating that Nostalgia 77 and Lizzy Parks were “two of my favorite acts of 2006 teaming up." The LP also features vocalist Beth Rowley who hails from Bristol. At an impromptu audition Lamdin says he knew she was right for the project just one verse in. The use of vocalists helps create a beautiful cosmic-tinged jazz album that sounds as much classic, spiritual, Impulse-influenced music as it does Cinematic Orchestra and Koop. “It's like Portishead meets Charles Mingus!" says Lamdin.

On “Everything Under The Sun", Lamdin explains that he “wanted to make welcoming music", and “music that is open to everyone". “Before jazz was a technical music it was an emotional and popular music, it is this kind of music we should be nostalgic for." “Everything Under The Sun" was engineered by Mike Pelanconi. Mike's production credits include Graham Coxon and most recently Lily Allen's debut LP.

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