Norm Drubner Woos Listeners On "Love Letters" CD


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Norm Drubner's Love Letters is a collection of easy listening love songs with smooth vocals that suit an evening of wooing times. The unforced vocals soothe and make for sophisticated listening.

“Love Letters" has lovely piano that sounds so close to Aretha Franklin’s performances, complementary and unobtrusive. The lyrics introduce an effective delivery, each unique yet making a comprehensive thread from end to end. The change from guitar to piano are so smooth; the lead changes and one cannot tell the transition. The flute in “I’m Beginning to See the Light," introduces a naughty, sexy touch that is carried further by guitar then back in continuous intercourse that brings to mind Franklin’s “Don’t Play that Song." All from a man who does a gentle voice over all the excellent instrumentation.

“You Stepped Out of a Dream" is exceptionally beautiful with distinct sessions of all ingredients, like a well-balanced diet. The lyrics capture the imagination and then the sax and piano float you away to the clouds with the soft percussion chugging along. The straight danceable rhythm belies a cheeky sincerity you assume but it sucks you in. It should work on any party without sounding corny.

“These Foolish Things" has a lovely take on The Sound of Music and Maria von Trapp singing “My Favorite Things." “These Foolish Things" has nothing foolish about it. The piano sounds sad and melancholic with unanswered phone calls and all the reminders of loss. The sadness is only matched in “Everything Happens to Me." The saxophone recalls the rainy piano of Elton John's “Candle in The Wind." If this doesn’t make them want to cuddle, give up hope.

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