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Nobel Peace Prize nominated jazz artist and actress Cynthia Basinet petitions the United Nations


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New York —Nobel nominated jazz artist and actress Cynthia Basinet petitions the United Nations Sixty-fifth General Assembly Fourth Committee on behalf of issues facing the Western Sahara.

Ms. Basinet, said “the limits of Morocco's record were apparent in its ban on demonstrations. She suggested that Morocco's judges should curb immunity on police and continue positive steps by ratifying the Optional Protocol to the Convention on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, and take very seriously the preservation of a people's voice and right to self-determination in a world where few had either and, yet, they were the basis of human dignity"

The actress and singer visited the W. Sahara camps in 2001 in efforts to raise awareness for the Saharwian refugees living in self-determination.

She was later nominated for a shared Nobel Peace Prize as part of the “1000 PeaceWomen Across the Globe" in 2005.

While best known for “Santa Baby," her latest release, “Cry Me A River" is available now through digital distribution.

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