New Releases from Cadence Jazz Records Featuring Jimmy Bennington and Perry Robinson


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"Jimmy Bennington and Perry Robinson show no generation gap. Bennington plays like a veteran and Robinson delivers with a young lion's innocence. This is a pairing that over the past few years seems to have brought out the best in both. Here they stretch out in relaxed but dynamic fashion over three tracks and produce what is arguably some of their finest work to date." --Cadence

A legend from the 1960's, Robinson, who has recorded historic music for the Savoy labels as well as ESP is touted as one of the greatest clarinetists living today.

Bennington, who has reached the twenty year mark in the music as of 2010, was mentored by late Coltrane drummer Elvin Jones. In fact, Bennington spent the last two years of an almost decade long relationship serving as Jones' drum tech and band manager.

To date, Bennington has played and recorded with some of the greatest names in Jazz including Julian Priester, Bert Wilson, Michael Bisio, Ed Schuller, and Daniel Carter.

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