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Tonino Miano
Coming soon! Edus Tonus, a new CD release on Impressus Records.

Featuring Edoardo Marraffa (tenor sax/sopranino), and Tonino Miano (piano).

About Impressus Records

A bold duo with a pungent, forward-pushing sound where familiar lines are often blurred into a tumultuous outpouring of dynamic gestures, creating an overall texture of unequivocal character.

IMPRESSUS RECORDS [From Latin impressus, past participle of imprimere, from in- + premere to press]

Welcome! My name is Tonino Miano. I am a pianist/composer and the founder of this new label, which will focus (at the present) on my own work, and the work accomplished in collaboration with other musicians. If you’re here you probably have a penchant for adventurous music, music for though. But if a lot of thought goes into the music we'd like you to listen to, there’s something else that has increasingly become important to us, and that is: how you consume it.

As you probably already know conventional CD jewel cases are extremely difficult to recycle. And yet we keep using them indiscriminately, despite the fact that most of our CDs end up stripped to their bare constituents and sleeved in an album not long after they are bought.

Accordingly we're using a 100% recycled cardboard sleeve, and eliminated altogether the need for a front and back tray slip by using custom made rubber stamps. All the basic information is available to you without the use of extra paper. If you need more information you’ll be able to find it here (that’s what websites are for!).


Tonino Miano

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