New CD Urban Ruminations with Oliver Lake, Paul Smoker, Scott R. Looney, and Lisle Ellis


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Metaphysical Records announces the release of its newest CD, Urban Rumination, an innovative improvising quartet featuring free jazz veterans Oliver Lake on saxes, Paul Smoker on trumpet, and Lisle Ellis on bass, combined with unique sounds by newcomer and Bay Area pianist Scott R. Looney, who straddles the boundaries between traditional free jazz piano ala Cecil Taylor and Marilyn Crispell, and the more adventurous textures and timbres of prepared pianists like Denman Maroney and Agusti Fernandez.

The music ranges from straight ahead hard blowing free jazz, to ballads, to contemplative group improvisation in a variety of combinations. Everybody contributes to the group's sound, from Lake's crying screeches and beautiful lyricism, to Smoker's flatulent pedal tones and masterful mute work, to Looney's intense and contrasting sense of colors, to Ellis's electrifying and propulsive bass ideas. These musicians interact freely and fast, yet the results are as clearly defined as a composed work without the muddiness and wandering ideas inherent in much of improvised music.

We know that you will enjoy this recording and more to come from this label.

Metaphysical Records
Scott R. Looney
1015 Addison St
Berkeley CA 94710

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