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New CD release: Mechanical Uprising by Marco Oppedisano


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OKS Recordings of North America is pleased to announce the release of Mechanical Uprising,our twelfth major release. This CD is available through as will soon be availableat, Los Angeles' Amoeba Records, Austin, Texas' End of An Ear and Waterloo,New York's Other Music. It is available for digital download at iTunes, and many other digital download services.

Marco Oppedisano is a classically trained composer and guitarist with a background in rock guitar. His style uniquely melds the experimental guitar playing of Fred Frith, textural guitar styling of David Torn, various rock guitar influences, and the processed guitar electronica of Christian Fennesz. On OKSRNA, Marco has previously released two solo records, Electroacoustic Compositions For Electric Guitar and The Ominous Corner, a collaboration with David Lee Myers, Tesla At Coney Island, and group recording by BIOS, Moving to Palermo To Make Apple Whine, a collaboration with OKSRNA label-mates Bill Byrne (The Painful Leg Injuries) and John Ibarra.

Mechanical Uprising is his third solo release for OKSRNA. As with his other albums, Marco presents compositions that are mostly sourced from his guitar playing, but the similarities end there. Mechanical Uprising is a leaner, muscular, and more precise beast than anything Oppedisano has created before. This album explores on various levels, the relationship between the artist and the machines he uses to make his music.This tightly controlled and layered sound world of Mechanical Uprising is filled with Oppedisano's expert guitar playing. At times his guitar improvisations and various samples are manipulated by a computer through editing, effects and processing, yielding results that cannot be accomplished through live performance. Combine the various treatments of guitar, sampled and electronic sounds and you have an album that will no doubt leave the listener wondering what is what. Machines play a large part in this music, but Marco's firm hand is always behind the result.

Kickstart begins the album with what sounds like an electroacoustic musique concrète virtual avant-rock band. Mechanical Uprising conjures a cinematic narrative of robots coming to life and frantically working until they verge on breaking down. Clockwatcher I-III is a piece that explores our relationship with time by warping our perception of it, basically defying our idea of what watching a clock is actually like. Oppedisano's previous solo releases The Ominous Corner and Electroacoustic Compositions for Electric Guitar were met with wide acclaim. Massimo Ricci of Temporary Fault said about The Ominous Corner ..."one cannot but appreciate the incredible attention to every tiny detail and the sense of adventurousness." Tobias Fischer of said “(The Ominous Corner has) ...a quality most comparable releases could only dream of: A nervous, subcutaneous tension keeping you glued to your seat and wondering what's next at all times." Dave X of Startling Moniker said reviewing Electroacoustic Compositions for Electric Guitar ..."(Oppedisano) demonstrates his ability to generate an extremely broad range of sounds from his instrument, from sonorous aquatic bells to swarming clouds of electronic chirping."

This CD-R release marks the latest major release from the Brooklyn-based OKS Recordings of North America label run by Bill Byrne and his longtime collaborator, Jonah Goldstein. OKSRNA specializes in artist created CD-R releases that cater to the tech-savvy listener who ready for new arenas of creativity for musical expression.

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