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New CD "Conversations with Erik & I" on the TrineArc Music label to be released in June 2011


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Avant-garde jazz saxophone duo Rick Britto (tenor) and Erik Van Dam (alto/tenor) release Conversations with Erik & I (TrineArc Music).

Liner Notes by Rick Britto

When Erik and I decided to do this recording we were searching to communicate musically in a whole new way. We wanted our performance to be just like a conversation between two old friends! I sat down and thought of all the ways people converse with each other so we could incorporate all the approaches people use to communicate in a conversational manor.

Here are all the concepts of CONVERSATION that became a part of the approach used in recording this music project:

Conversation is interactive, more-or-less spontaneous, communication between two or more conversants. Interactivity occurs because contributions to a conversation are response reactions to what has previously been said. Spontaneity occurs because a conversation must proceed, to some extent, and in some way, unpredictably, contrasting with a scripted conversation, which falls outside this definition.For a successful conversation, the partners must achieve a workable balance of contributions. A successful conversation includes mutually interesting connections between the contributors or things that the contributors know. For this to happen, those engaging in conversation must find a topic on which they both can relate in some sense.

Objectives: Most conversations may be classified by their goal. Conversational ends may, however, shift over the life of the conversation and may include:

Discussion where conversants compare, contrast and evaluate the respective ideas, without an opinion or position as to the correctness of any idea.

Debate where conversants' objectives are to convince others of one's position, usually where the debator assumes that the position of his opponent is incorrect.

Small talk is a type of conversation where the topic is less important than the social purpose of achieving bonding between people or managing personal distance.

Banter is non-serious conversation, usually between friends, which may rely on humor or in- jokes at the expense of those taking part. The purpose of banter may at first appear to be an offensive affront to the other person's face. However, people engaging in such a conversation are often signaling that they are comfortable enough in each others' company to be able to say such things without causing offense.

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