New Bob McHugh CD: "Together on a Summer Afternoon"


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Bob McHugh
A Note from Bob McHugh.

On a beautiful sunny August afternoon we four musician friends decided to get together in engineer Chris Badami's studio to play and record some songs that we liked. We hadn't really rehearsed beyond playing the music on a few gigs. We chose the songs for their possibilities; some were interesting, some challenging, and some just fun. We decided that because the session was for our enjoyment there would be no fretting over note perfect renditions and no tedious repeated takes. The appeal was in the exhilaration and daring of casting musical caution to the winds. Isn't this, after all the nature of improvised playing?

Afterward, when we sat in the booth listening, we did enjoy what we heard. There was a nice variety of styles and tempos and moments of good improvising. And most importantly, the spirit of this being together on a summer afternoon came through. We decided that it would be nice to share the outcome on that afternoon with our friends that enjoy this music. So we put this CD together for ourselves and for you. We hope that you enjoy it too.

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