Nashville Jazz Artist Jaimee Paul Showcases for David Foster


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Nashville, TN jazz artist, Jaimee Paul, has recently showcased for David Foster with a private showcase at Ellendale's, the local restaurant that she performs at on a weekly basis.

Being known for it's traditional country and gospel roots, Nashville is the home of all types of music, including jazz, and can be known to pull a rabbit or two out of it's hat at any given moment.

Jaimee had been out to L.A. three separate times on suggestion of contacts of hers at Warner Brother Pictures, trying to get in front of David Foster. However, due to circumstances beyond her control, all three times her hopes were dashed, but none the less, remained encouraged.

After spending several thousands of dollars herself, trying to make this happen, her phone rings at 1:30pm on April 11th, with the voice of freedom on the other end. That voice was the true friend of hers from Warner Brothers saying that he had spoken to David, and David had said he would come to a show.

David was in Nashville on April 11th to judge Nashville Star, and had told Jaimee's contact that if she could get a show together by 11pm that night, he would go.

Not having any time to even think about what could or would happen, she started calling her faithful members of her trio, Sandy Tipping - pianist, Leif Shires - trumpet, and her other pianist, Christopher Phillips. They all agreed to come to the club at 10:30 and set up. Ellendale's had also graciously agreed to stay open after their closing time of 10pm, to make this happen for her.

Jaimee was earlier informed that David had a sever cold and possibly would not make it to the show. After a lot of prayer and some help from friends who were working on the set of Nashville Star, David Foster, walked through the door.

Not only had David shown up, but Big Kenny from Big & Rich as well as an enterage of 15 people pulled up in a tour bus, piled out, and entered into Ellendale's to hear Jaimee. She was certainly not expecting this, but having the crowd there seemed to help.

After singing three songs for David, he then got up from his chair, approached the stage, gave Jaimee a hug, and asked if he could play a song with her. David's request was “Somewhere Over The Rainbow," seemingly appropriate for the evening.

Then realizing that her dreams were coming true, David requested for Jaimee to sing a duet with Big Kenny. An impromtu rendition of 12 Bar Blues was created, and the evening came to a close.

David said that he had had a wonderful time, and that he would be getting in touch with Jaimee in the near future.

She later recieved a call from her Warner Brothers contact and he said that David was planning on putting Jaimee on future charity events that he hosts, and that he was definitely interested in her.

Jaimee has since spoken with David, and was instructed to call him on a monthly basis to keep him filled in on what she is doing. He wants to watch her career. I guess you could say, that David Foster, has his eye, on Jaimee Paul ... the jazz singer from Nashville.

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