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Muthawit Returns To The Post-2012 Election Musical Battlefield With The Epic Socio-Political Firebomb Recording, PMS Junkie


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Boston Fielder’s musical collective releases irresistible set of original avant rock, electronic n soul songs on URB ALT Media

What has been said about MuthaWit:

“If post-punk soul is a genre, then that’s what Muthawit is doing" - MTViggy

“MuthaWit featuring Boston Fielder is simultaneously urban and tribal; a meeting of the musical hemispheres, mutatis mutandis and presto! - a carnival of twisted soul." - Magnet Magazine

Anderson, Virgin Islands. The words “mission accomplished" have strangely come to represent unfinished business in the 21st century. The Internets capacity to inform and deform reveals a world that is constantly exploding and reconstituting itself. Global musical polyglots, MuthaWit return in November 2012 with the new album PMS Junkie. Released digitally on URB ALT Media the record is a sensual molotov cocktail of words and music fearlessly documenting the current period of global aggression, digital detachment and financial uncertainty.

PMS is an acronym for Preemptive Military Strike. MuthaWit’s line-up of world class musicians and visual artists use frantically changing lyrical tension, tempos, timbres and time signatures as sonic metaphors for the “attack now and ask questions later” ethos of contemporary warfare. The group members deliberately mosh polished songcraft against improvisational freedom to suggest the aggressive breaching of geopolitical and emotional borders. PMS Junkie’s logical first singles are the humorously paranoid sexual espionage romp Celine in America and the thrashing Occupy bliztkreig Generation Divide. Ironically, “Celine," is one of the songs that features MuthaWit's leader, Boston Fielder, performing all of the musical and vocal parts alone. Fielder says “Working in studio with amazing players like Lou Rossi, Melvin Gibbs, V. Jeffrey Smith, Martell Brown and Brandee Younger was a major blessing but after promoting our last album men & women(la Revenge de Uncle Baldy) I needed the discomfort of a rock and hard place to jar me awake. I found it.” He spent time living and recording between New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and The Virgin Islands. Those incredibly differing environments would normally induce musical schizophrenia but PMS Junkie unfolds itself as a cohesive 16 song album singularly focused on the socio-political realities of the day. Song characters confront the perils of international occupation(Bet You One Of Us), class and sexual warfare(Lavender Machine Gun), celebrity punditry(Roger Ailes), the love and loneliness of military families(She Don’t Recognize Me No More), the pitfalls of unchecked market economics(Print Money), federally subsidized healthcare(The Last Time I Ask For It[Give It To Me]) and the broken electoral system(Mughs Don’t Love You ‘Cause You Vote) among other topics. “ PMS Junkie's politics consumed me to such a degree,” says Fielder, “that I willfully dove into creative environments that were more diplomatic and collaborative. I spent quite a bit of the last year and change scoring a feature film project, working with my dude, Jneiro Jarel, on his duo album with MF DOOM, recording a Burt Bacarach project and singing on a new production of Minnie Riperton's Les Fleurs. Eventually I had to return home to confront my own relatively undemocratic and peculiar visions though."

Fielder made the pilgrimage from the Virgin Islands back to Harlem, USA to complete the final tracking and mastering phase of PMS Junkie. Much of his energy was also directed towards developing the visual identity for the record. A graphic designer in another life, he incorporated the talents of visual artists such as Ed Marshall, Erin Kathryn Morrill, Leon Dale and Bighead Scientists to insure that PMS Junkie's album artwork and accompanying 42 page booklet reflected the Beardenesque contradictions, surreal passions and dark humor of PMS Junkie’s songs. “Things blow up around me and I dig that. I like to dirty up the visual and aural equations of the creative process as much as possible. PMS Junkie reflects my addiction to the 24 hour cable and internet news cycle. Every time I thought I had the song to catch the zeitgeist another wacko headline surfaced. PMS Junkie is dedicated during this post-election cycle to soldiers fighting for peace, the makers of Red Hot Blues, revolutionary feminine energy and the rapturous finality of the cluster bomb."

PMS Junkie is available now as a listening stream and to purchase at MuthaWit’s site. The album will be available at all major digital outlets starting November 27.

01)The Gorilla In The Room
02)Celine In America
03)Generation Divide (More, More)
05)Bet You One Of Us
06)Roger Ailes
07)The Last Time I Ask For It(Give It To Me)
08)Print Money
09)PMS Junkie
10)Lavender Machine Gun
11)Mughs Don't Love You Cause You Vote
12)She Don't Recognize Me No More
13)Gag Reflex
14)Two Fisted God
15...for them that ain't make it
16)PMS Junkie Reprise

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