Multi-Instrumentalist/Composer Fred Frith Interviewed at AAJ...And More!


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Since emerging in the 1970s with the fearless British group Henry Cow, multi-instrumentalist Fred Frith has built a career that's as comfortable in the realm of contemporary classical music as it is the equally innovative arena of free improvisation. From collaborations with John Zorn to his latest “rock" group, Cosa Brava, Frith refuses to sit still; instead, constantly mining the farthest reaches of musical style for a personal amalgam that's as far-reaching globally as it is intimate in its reflection of the many musicians with whom he's collaborated.

AA Contributor Nic Jones spoke with Frith recently, about finding the balance between form and freedom, the perils and pleasures of playing in groups and much more, in his in-depth interview, Fred Frith: Mapping the Further Reaches, published today at AAJ.

But there's more. You can also read AAJ Managing Editor John Kelman's insightful review of Cosa Brava's debut, Ragged Atlas (Intakt, 2010), also published today. And watch Cosa Brava in action, performing at Banlieues Bleues, 2008, today's AAJ Daily Video.

AAJ is committed to bringing you the most extensive coverage of new releases anywhere. Be sure to check out all the buzz surrounding Fred Frith, Cosa Brava and Ragged Atlas at AAJ today!

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