MoonJune Records Sampler: 75 Tunes, Nearly 8 Hours Of Music For Only $5


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Progressive Music Exploring Boundaries Of Jazz, Rock, Ethno, Avant & The Unknown

75 tunes from 75 albums on MoonJune Records

High-quality download in FLAC or/and MP3-320.

  • A $10 contribution gives you an extra bonus album-download of your choice.
  • A $15 contribution gives you an extra two bonus album-downloads of your choice.
  • A $20 contribution gives you an extra three bonus album-downloads of your choice.
“The entire Moonjune catalogue is crammed with goodies: exceptional albums by both established and upcoming musicians. It's agenda? To stoke the fires of progressive fusion everywhere on the planet! Thus the catalogue has a truly international feel: mixing modes and rhythms from diverse backgrounds. So when they serve up a sampler of 75 tracks, it's really a no-brainer to go and immerse yourself in 8+ hours of music. It's too much to take in one sitting but set yourself a target of 6 tracks/day and in a couple of weeks you'll be thoroughly moonjuned and you will have discovered an aural treasure." —John Cratchley

About MoonJune Records

A truly independent record label from New York, focusing on progressive music that explores boundaries of progressive jazz, rock, ethno, avant and the unknown. Featuring artists such as Allan Holdsworth, Soft Machine Legacy, Soft Machine, Dewa Budjana, Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean, Boris Savoldelli, Tohpati, Mark Wingfield and many more.

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