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Milcho Leviev Plays on Perelik Peak


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Milcho Leviev
By Standart Daily, Stiliyana Chakarova

A Stage of 3, 000 Straw Bales to be built at 2, 190 meters for Leviev's concert. Bulgarian jazz musician Milcho Leviev again will be on top. He will play with Plovdiv Big Band on July 19 on Perelik peak in the Rhodopes where a unique facility will be built for better acoustics. The special wall won't be built with conventional construction materials but with bales of straw arranged as a chessboard. Workers are calculating that about 3, 000 bales will be needed to assemble the sound barrier.

In the middle of the uncommon stage will be situated the musician's favorite grand piano. Leviev accepted to perform at 2, 190 m above sea level only if the “king of the instruments" was delivered. The piano will be carried by a helicopter to avoid any transportation risks or damage. Four fire circles have been prepared - the sparkling fires will provide natural illumination for the exceptional musical show.

According to the organizers of the event - July Jazz Foundation the show is one of a kind and worthy for the Guinness Book of Records. Over the ridge as an amphitheatre have been built service facilities such as shelters for the guests and a “kitchen" for the preparation of the specialty of the region “cheverme". The show is the special event of this year's edition of the Ethno Jazz Festival July Jazz and a original gift for Milcho Leviev's 70th jubilee birthday.

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