Michael Jackson's Autopsy Report Released


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Now that Conrad Murray has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, Michael Jackson's autopsy report has been released.

Listing acute propofol intoxication administered by another person as the cause of death, according to the report via the LA Times. The amount of propofol used was equivalent to a major surgery, it said.

“There are NO reports of [propofol's] use for insomnia relief, to my knowledge, an anesthesiology consultant wrote in the report. “The only reports of its use in homes are cases of fatal abuse (first reported in 1992), suicide, murder and accident... The levels of propofol found on [the] toxicology exam are similar to those found during general anesthesia for major surgery (intra-abdominal) with propofol infusions.

Additionally, the report noted the lack of working medical equipment (also the lack of equipment needed in the first place) and numerous other drugs found in Jackson's system.

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