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"Men at Work" Guitarist Jailed (Update)


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“It’s a mistake?”

One of the founders of the Australian ‘80s band “Men at Work” was jailed over the weekend in LA for a bench warrant on a charge of making criminal threats, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Ronald Strykert, former guitarist in the group who rose to fame with the song “Who Can It Be Now?” allegedly threatened to kill the band’s lead singer, Colin Hay in Dec. 2007.

LA County sheriff’s deputies locked up Strykert, 51, on Friday. He was reportedly being held on $50,000 bail.

Strykert had “skipped out” on an arrangement related to the misdemeanor last May, a spokeswoman for the LA county district attorney’s office told the Times.

“Men at Work” also had a top hit on the US charts with “It’s a mistake” in 1983 -- that’s the tune Strykert is probably singing right now.

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