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Member Page vs Musician Page: What's the Difference?


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If it has been a while since you last updated your musician page, you may find the All About Jazz member page and musician page relationship confusing.

We're here to help.

To clarify, everyone signs up at All About Jazz and creates a member account. Musicians take an extra step and create their professional (musician) page. We email you the how-to instructions when you sign up.

Some of the information associated with your member account is similar to your professional page and we apologize for the redundancy in effort, but if time is a consideration, please focus on completing your musician page.

You can find your musician page at by searching on your name. We also provide a link to your musician page from your member account page by clicking “Musician Page."

If you are logged in and have administrative access to your musician page, you can update it at any time. If you have a musician page (created by the AAJ robot), but do not have admin access, you can request it from your musician page by clicking the green “Update Page" button.

More Tips and Information

All About Jazz musician pages are a little like a Wikipedia bio page. Several members can maintain a page, so we can assign update access to your publicist, your spouse, a trusted friend, your manager, a band member, etc.

All About Jazz offers several free and some premium promotional services for musicians and you can read about them here.

We've created a handy Musician Start Page of essential links. Feel free to bookmark it or create a browser shortcut.

Upgrade from standard to premium

Upgrade from a standard page to a premium page for only $30/year. Get the standard features, plus a dozen more focused on promoting your events, selling your music, saving you (data entry) time, and driving traffic to your website and social pages.

Check out the premium features here.

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