Matt Geraghty Project at the Blue Note Sat. Late Night Featuring Grammy Winner Howard Levy!


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Matt Geraghty: Bass/Compositions
Howard Levy: Harmonica
Satya Gummuluri: Vocals
Rez Abbasi: Guitar
Adriano Santos: Drums
Sean Wayland:Keys

Performing Music from Latest CD 'Passport'

Saturday August 9th
After Midnight Set 12:30 AM

Blue Note
131 West 3rd
New York, NY

Matt Geraghty is a bassist without borders, a sonic traveler whose musical pursuits have drawn him to the local music scenes on four continents. Geraghty has collaborated with musicians from Brazil, Japan, India, Trinidad, and Africa and has journeyed deep into the musical enclaves of Spain, France, Cuba, South America and the Philippines.

Drawing inspiration from Pat Metheny's melodic clarity and Herbie Hancock's moody, electric grooves, Geraghty crafts a global sound that's rooted in the style of contemporary jazz. His compositions are both atmospheric and tuneful, serving as compelling narratives of the journeys that continue to shape his musical style.

The Matt Geraghty Project recently released their 3rd record entitled 'Passport' recorded in Rio De Janeiro, Chicago and New York featuring Paul Wertico and Grammy-winning harmonica virtuoso Howard Levy.

“Passport is a delicious gumbo of Brazilian, Indian, American contemporary jazz, and rock music. Matt is Chicago's gift to the music world."- Listen Here Jazz Radio

“It's easy to see that Matt Geraghty aims to move jazz into the future."-Chicago Jazz Magazine

“One has to applaud Geraghty for taking risks and attempting to fuse different cultures together" - Jazz Review.com

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