Matt Geraghty Project at Smalls Jazz Club, Saturday November 10th 7:30PM


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The Matt Geraghty Project, led by bassist and composer Matt Geraghty, is an ambitious modern musical effort revealing exciting and cutting-edge cross-cultural concepts. The global texture of the group is cultivated by Indian vocalist Satya Gummuluri who sings in Urdu, Hindi, and Punjab and Geraghty's compositions that blend jazz, rock, funk and music from Brazil, Spain, India and North Africa. Geraghty will be performing music from his 3rd CD Passport which features 6-time grammy award winning drummer Paul Wertico and grammy award winning harmonica man Howard Levy of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones fame.

Geraghty has performed his signature world-jazz blend internationally and will bring his global groove to Smalls Jazz Club on Saturday November 10th. The stellar line up will include Satya Gummuluri (vocals), Sam Barsh (keys), Alejandro Aviles (sax), Neal Alger (guitar), Adriano Santos(Drums) and Geraghty playing bass.

November 10th
183 W. 10th at 7th Ave
New York, NY 10014

“I would suggest keeping an eye on Geraghty as the world grows even smaller daily, as I think he has found a musical blueprint in his musical potpourri that is most perceptive and timely. In these times of world strife and conflicts between culture and clan, Matt Geraghty's unique blend of world musical styles offers a passport to peace through the shared passion for the harmonious aural experience.." --JazzChicago.net

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