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Markus Gottschlich Receives Official Designation As A Steinway & Sons Artist


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Paying homage to an elite class of pianos, Steinway & Sons, the Austrian-born pianist and composer Markus Gottschlich, has, through his work, joined the coveted roster of Steinway Artists. Such a designation not only signifies his preference for the brand, in which his entire sophomore album, Of Places Between, was performed on a Steinway & Sons Model D concert grand piano, but also indicates Gottschlich’s prominence as one of the country’s leading jazz performers. Upon receipt, Gottschlich was the first Austrian-born jazz pianist to be selected as a “Steinway Artist."

Through his collaboration with Grammy Award-winning musicians Federico Britos and Jose Javier Freire on his most recent album, along with his influence on the jazz scene in three major cities, namely Vienna, New York and Miami, Gottschlich has earned his place in the ranks of some of the most notable names in piano, including Lang Lang, Diana Krall, Billy Joel and Harry Connick, Jr. Since Steinway pianos are crafted to capture the transfer of emotion, Gottschlich’s prowess is carefully demonstrated through their use, as his personality and the expression of traditional and New World influences are exuded in his music.

To commemorate his recognition, Gottschlich paid a special visit on Wednesday, May 7th to one of Steinway & Sons' retail stores in Coral Gables, FL to receive an official certificate denoting his membership from store manager Douglas C. Thiel.

During the ceremony, Gottschlich exclaimed, “Receiving the designation of being a Steinway Artist is a tremendous honor. In a way, it rewards the many hours spent practicing and it motivates me to keep going. Being the first Austrian Jazz pianist to receive this designation makes it even more special. I am looking forward to working closely with Doug Thiel of the Coral Gables Steinway location and the Steinway & Sons staff around the world for many concerts and festivals to come!”

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Gottschlich grew up in what was once Beethoven’s apartment. Staying true to his roots, Gottschlich was classically trained in piano from an early age on, and refined his interest in jazz at Admiral Farragut Academy, University of Vienna, Concordia College – NY, and Western Connecticut State University.

When he’s not committed to a global touring and teaching schedule, Gottschlich serves as the Artistic Director of the Miami Beach Jazz Festival, entering its second year in January 2015. Charged with recruiting talent, Gottschlich makes it a point to connect with local artists, student groups, and other key players in the City’s jazz scene to garnish the festival’s authenticity.

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