Louis Landon - Jazz Pianist, Vocalist, Composer, Lyricist Makes Special New York City Appearance


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Louis Landon has played classical music for Mikhail Baryshnikov on national and international tours. He has played jazz opening for Gary Burton, Weather Report, John McLaughlin, Tony Williams Lifetime, Woody Shaw, Stanley Turrentine, and Bill Evans. He has played Latin music with “Pucho and his Latin Soul Brothers" on national and international tours. He has played pop music with Rupert “Pina Colada Song" Holmes on television and national tours. He has played rock & roll with John Hall, opening for “Little Feat" on national tours. He has written and produced music for film, video, and commercials, including three years of “best plays" and “bloopers" commercials for the National Basketball Association. Landon currently performs with his trio in the New York tri-state area. He also plays keyboards in a hip-hop, acid jazz, jam band called JazzSquids. More information on the Squids can be found on the webiste.

As a recording artist, Landon has released five CD's. In 1994, he released his first CD, “Love Songs & Jazz." “Love Songs & Jazz" received national airplay and was charted on college radio stations across the country. In 1997, Landon released a smooth jazz instrumental CD called “Joyous Spirit." In the summer of 1999 “Feel This," was released. In September, 1999, “Joyous Spirit 2" was released. “Joyous Spirit 2" became an internet hit at mp3.com, reaching the number one selling CD in the jazz category. His latest CD, released in June, 2003, “The Gershwins, Cole Porter, & Me, - Louis Landon Live," was recorded live and in concert with Harvie S. on bass and Richie Morales on drums on 7 tracks, and Lew Scott on bass on five tracks.

Landon will be appearing solo, on Saturday, December 20, from 9 PM - 12 at Chez Suzette, 675B 9th Avenue (46-47thSt) NY, NY 10036. Call 212-677-0737 for more information.

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