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Lively Raises $2 Million for Concert Recordings Available After the Show


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Lively's concert recording service allows bands to offer both audio and video recording of the show after it's over using a mobile app for delivery. They'd already raised half a million over the summer and now they've added to their investments with another 2 million or so. A number of services have related offerings and it seems likely that, as the tech and related processes mature, such recordings can become a solid revenue stream for musicians at multiple levels of the game.

Lively is a music tech startup that offers audio downloads of live shows right after they're over. Videos can also be offered the next day.

Audience members have a choice of mobile apps. Musicians have a few more steps and Lively demos the audio process below:

Lively launched back in May and received a $500k seed round in August.

According to Gigaom, based on an SEC filing, Lively has followed with around $2 million more in investments. All told, including some additional funds appearing along the way, Lively is said to have raised a total of $2.65 million.

Discussions of these live show recording services, of which there are quite a few, typically focus on the power of being able to sell your fans a recording of the show they just saw. But one of the strengths of Lively is that they archive the concerts and then make them available through their mobile app for purchase and download at any time.

So it's not just about one band and one show but about an archive of live concerts, plus comedy and public speeches, that are available to any interested fan wherever they are whether they've seen the show or not.

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