Lindsey Horner: Working Hard on Undiscovered Country


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Lindsey Horner will be releasing his latest project, “Undiscovered Country" on ArtistShare in March of 2010. The band has already begun rehearsing the music for the new album. The project features a stellar lineup of diverse musicians, coming from all types of musical backgrounds, to create a musical landscape of fantasticly unique instrumentation.

In Lindsey's own words:

Saxophonist Erwin Vann, a native of Antwerp, Belgium, currently living in Brussels. I have known Erwin since 1988 and he was a part of my quartet in the 90's and played on my two recordings, Mercy Angel and Believers. His unique sound and approach was in large part responsible for my move to Belgium from 1998 to 2000 to play more with him and learn more fully about the musical environment he came from. That is also where I met,

Guitarist Augustin Foly, a native of Togo, resident in Belgium for many years now. I had the honor of playing in his band and it remains one of my brightest musical memories of my time in Belgium. He should pair perfectly with:

Guitarist Colter Harper from Pittsburgh, PA. I met Colter while living in Pittsburgh from 2000-2002 and he was and is an inspiration. He is also a brilliant photographer, has studied extensively in Ghana and is pursuing a Doctorate degree in Ethnomusicology. He also plays with the band Rusted Root.

Allison Miller is one of the finest drummers around. We've played together with Susan McKeown and she was also the driving force on my CD, Don't Count on Glory. She currently plays with Ani DiFranco and anyone else lucky enough to get her.

Percussionist Jeff Berman is another of my musical mainstays. This native New Yorker now living in Pittsburgh has played with far too many people to name and more of my projects than I can remember, including the band Splendid Splinter that had something of a cult following in the late 90's. He plays about a thousand instruments, all of them masterfully.

Violinist Rob Thomas is one of the few players making a strong, individual statement in jazz and improvised music on his instrument. Originally from Portland, Oregon, we are neighbors in the “upstate Manhattan" section of New York. Rob also is a great bassist, a skill I plan to exploit on this project and which will enable me to play some of the other instruments I play.

And finally, one of my musical heroes, the great Andy Irvine, has agreed to be a guest on this project. A true legend of Irish and World music (before the term “World Music" existed), Andy has inspired me since I was a lad. I played on a recording of his called Way Out Yonder back in 1999 and it remains one of the recordings of which I am most proud. Ireland and it's music has always been central to my development as a musician (and a person) and I am truly honored that Andy has agreed to be a part of this endeavor.

To access the entire project experience, please visit the Undiscovered Country project page.

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