Leila Adu presses her luck with mysterious music video for "Fortuna" single


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Leila Adu
Leila Adu caps European leg of Ode to the Unknown Factory Worker Tour with debut of “Fortuna"

..."Leila Adu is a Revelation..."—Robert Wyatt, legendary founder of Soft Machine and Bjork collaborator

“Leila Adu is a rebel-inspirer. And not in the way that calls for the raising of fists, or the hurling of sharp word-blades. Her defiance is decided... Anger isn't its mother. Wonder may be."—Purple Magazine

London—Touching down in locales as varied as Los Angeles, London, Rome, Sicily and Berlin, Leila Adu has successfully completed the first segment of her recent “Ode to the Unknown Factory Worker" album tour. Emboldened by a steady flow of critical acclaim, the London-born Ghanaian/New Zealander steals a moment to release the music video for “Fortuna," the second single from “Ode to the Unknown Factory Worker." “Fortuna" will appear on popular music media channels, websites and blogs throughout the globe beginning on Tuesday, March 8th.

“Fortuna" features recent performance video of Leila on organ/vocals accompanied by her drummer, De Santis in Berlin's intimate music venue, Ausland. Video director Boston Fielder and his production group Odd Endeavors sought to reveal the ethereal yet dissonant blues of the song by using images captured during the heat of the tour with basic consumer video cameras. “Fortuna" lyrics of loneliness and perseverence such as “What goes down must come up/A circle or a cycle or a wheel" are realized through the use of raw found footage, time lapse manipulations, abstract layering and slow motion movement studies. Fielder says “there is a dreamy almost innocent quality to Leila's work that can suddenly be usurped by waves of musical aggression. That dichotomy is what I wanted to capture. It's what makes her music SOUL music."

Leila Adu is humble yet confidently leaping from time zone to time zone in search of the next great adventure. She is an artist whose musical fortunes are on the rise internationally. It's only fitting that “Fortuna" be her next offering to the world.

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