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Legendary Rock From Macedonia - Leb I Sol


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The legendary Balkan progressive rock / jazz band Leb i Sol – touring the new continent in October-November 2012.

Following many successful concerts around the Balkans, Paris, Prague, Chicago, Amsterdam, New York, London, Toronto, Thessaloniki and many other cities around the globe, the best Macedonian band are to tour Australia for first time ever.

Perth – 26 October 2012 (Friday) @ The Charles Hotel

Melbourne – 27 October 2012 (Saturday) @ The Hi-Fi

Sydney – 31 October 2012 (Wednesday) – Boat Cruise

Canberra – 1 November 2012 (Thursday) @ Holy Grail Kingston

Sydney – 3 November 2012 (Saturday) @ The Hi-Fi

Brisbane – 4 November 2012 (Sunday) @ The Hi-Fi

Leb i Sol Through the Years

Once upon a time, a band from Macedonia came with a sound so fresh and vigorous it took the nation by storm. The sound was rock, but crucially it was more than a rock, too. Concise, punchy, melodic, shiny, without being “plastic”. The band was a true original, delivering a blend of sensitivity and strength, defiance and tenderness, via a regionally inflected voice. The band did not sing much and when they did, they spilled words that were realistic without being dour, full of simple rime and beautifully observed details. Most recognized their reunion as a landmark, an instant classic. We are talking about LEB I SOL of course.

LEB I SOL was founded in 1976. Beside being the most eminent Macedonian band, they were also one of the most important acts of the former Yugoslav Rock scene.

LEB I SOL is an expression which symbolizes traditional hospitality.

Their music combined elements of rock, jazz fusion and Balkan ethnic melos. As the band matured, the jazz influences became less obvious. However, in concert, LEB I SOL performances of jazzed-up and versions of traditional ethno-folk classics such as Jovano Jovanke, Aber Dojde Donke, or Uci me majko karaj me… were received with great enthusiasm and cheer.

The first two albums are often considered foundational, while most are diverse enough to be accessible to a wide audience. The influence of ethnic and folk music of south-eastern Europe and more specifically of Macedonia are recognizable in the use of odd meters (5/8, 7/8, 11/8, etc.) and non-traditional scales (e.g. the Phrygian dominant scale).

In 2008, the band recorded their latest studio album titled ITAKANATAKA.

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