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Laurent Medelgi Signs New Album "Diverses" on Freeplay Music


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New Indie Artist Releases!

With guitarist Laurent Medelgi's eclectic new jazz and rock compositions comes a tonal deliberation driven by heartfelt, resounding instrumental sonorities. These bright tracks ring with emotion and sincerity, touching down confidently on grooves ranging from locomotive jazz to compassionate soft rock. Featured now on Freeplay's Indie Artists Section, these vibrant tunes are sure to move and enliven.

For instance, check “To See You Smile" for an uplifting track with a moody violin-tinged theme that builds to a bluesy finish with a happy, beach weekend feel. “Misconnection" is a jumpy, precarious tune whose playful guitar and piano counterpoint and meandering horn lines make for a turbocharged jazz strut worthy of a tightrope walk. Laurent Medelgi's fluent guitar work accents his fiery and sympathetic compositional style in this collection, which is sure to touch, motivate, and inspire.

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