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Konbit Mizik Harnesses The Universal Power Of Music To Build Community In Haiti


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Konbit – n. Creole. The act of the community coming together to achieve a common purpose or goal.

Mizik – n. Creole. Music.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Konbit Mizik, a not-for-profit recording studio currently based in the streets of Port-au-Prince, uses music to build community and grow community leaders through education, workforce development and artistic expression for Haiti’s most vulnerable youth. Founded by musician Ian Evans and filmmaker Nick Cannell in the wake of one of the most catastrophic natural disasters of our time, Konbit Mizik has recorded hundreds of songs, produced numerous music videos, filmed interviews with artists, and hosted multiple free outdoor concerts across the country.

Co-Founder & Executive Director Nick Cannell explains, “What’s unique about Konbit Mizik as an NGO in Haiti is the groundswell support that we have built through a common love and passion for music. We go into some of the most disadvantaged parts of Port-au-Prince and give voice to some of the most talented and neediest populations.”

With the help of locals such as Lavalasse Russell (Outreach Director) and Daniel Laurent (Executive Director, Group en Priere), and guided by a community-based, binational board of directors, Konbit Mizik prides itself on cultural and linguistic competency and a commitment to the underground artists they represent. They have copyrighted and released three albums so far, arranged recurring paying gigs for artists, and several of their songs and videos have been featured on national Haitian TV and radio stations.

In addition to acting as a record label for underground artists, Konbit Mizik believes they have a responsibility, and a great opportunity, to teach and mentor Haiti’s most underserved youth in the areas of music theory, audio recording, and video production. Konbit Mizik is currently seeking funding to create a permanent studio and school which will serve as an exchange program for professors, students, and professionals from around the world.

Konbit Mizik is a NYS not-for-profit corporation with 501(c)3 status-pending from the IRS. Konbit MIzik assures complete transparency for its donors by requiring all funds to be reviewed by John F. Payne Associates and their policy allows for zero waste, fraud, or abuse.

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