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Kali. Z. Fasteau: New CD! "An Alternate Universe" With William Parker & Cindy Blackman


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Kali. Z. Fasteau: Cello, Soprano Saxophone, Electric Piano;
William Parker: Contrabass;
Cindy Blackman: Drums

Flying Note Records proudly presents An Alternate Universe, a recording of three musicians with superlative and fascinating careers. The musical lineage of multi-instrumentalist and composer Kali. Z. stems from her musician grandparents hosting sessions with the Gershwin brothers and Kali's college and graduate studies of world music and jazz. Her musical trajectory then flows through her marriage and musical partnership with the great multi-instrumentalist and composer Don Rafael Garrett (he recorded 4 albums with John Coltrane), and decades of living in 16 countries, leading ensembles of wonderful musicians such as Kidd Jordan, Rashied Ali, Beaver Harris, Joe McPhee, Hamid Drake, Bobby Few, Andrew Cyrille and many others, recording 18 albums of her world jazz, and performing on more than a dozen instruments. William Parker's career as first-call avant-garde contrabassist has expanded in recent years to include conducting, leading and composing for both small and large ensembles, writing poetry and prose, and augmenting his instrumental arsenal. Cindy Blackman's multi-genre drumming displays both her dynamism and precision, qualities that have earned her high praise with the many notable musicians she has worked with, including Pharoah Sanders, Joe Henderson, Angela Bofill, Lenny Kravitz, and her husband Carlos Santana. Her own ensembles are sterling examples of the jazzfusion momentum pioneered by Tony Williams.

On this recording, these extraordinary artists deliver their unique powers to the collective sound, combining their creativity in fiery sessions recorded in the first days of 1992. An Alternate Universe, finds these musicians roaring along the high energy road. William's thudding and singing bass and Cindy's concentrated passion and keen attention are great company on Kali's cellistic flights, deep saxophonics, and resonant warmth on the keyboard. Kali. Z. and William's cello and contrabass duets are truly astounding, both the fast-paced opener entitled “Vitesse," and the profound and intricate 25-minute long “Ardor." The piece “If You Knew" charges from the starting gate with Cindy's full-tilt drumming and highlights the trio's rapidly evolving interaction. Kali. Z. plays soprano sax on three dramatic raga-inspired pieces: “Fervor," “Ideation," plus the swinging 9/8 rhythm of “Bonobos" that cameos Cindy's bounce and finesse. The two mesmerizing electric piano pieces, the luscious duet with William entitled “Found," and the trio comprovisation “Liquid Geometry" illuminate amazing landscapes sculpted by the mellow bass register of Kali's keyboard work. Enjoy!

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