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Jon Ballantyne 4tet Summer '05 Tour


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Award-winning jazz pianist/composer Jon Ballantyne (jonballantyne.com) will take his New York-based quartet on tour of the Canadian jazz festival circuit beginning Wednesday June 22, 2005 at the Calgary Jazz Festival.

The quartet includes: Douglas Yates on alto sax/bass clarinet (Dave Douglas, Kenny Wheeler); Jeff Hirshfield on drums (Joe Lovano, John Zorn); and Boris Kozlov on bass (Mingus Big Band, Jeff Watts).

Ballantyne has played and/or recorded with many of the finest musicians in jazz, including Joe Henderson, Billy Hart, Dewey Redman and Dave Liebman and has released 7 albums as a leader.

This exciting quartet has toured to acclaim in Germany, Italy, Israel, Sweden and the U.S. This will be their first Canadian tour. Here are the cities/dates:

Canadian Jazz Festivals: Calgary - June 22 Winnipeg - June 24 Saskatoon - June 25 Regina - June 26 Vancouver - June 27 Victoria - June 28 Ottawa - June 30 Montreal - July 1 Halifax - July 21 Aslo: July 2 TORONTO- the Goethe Insitute --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------…...(the Ballantyne 4tet gave) the best concert of the day…

Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle

…Ballantyne is merely as fine a young, modern pianist as you’re likely to encounter. The Toronto Star

... There have been a disproportionate number of pianists among Canada’s jazz exports in recent years. The country that gave the world Oscar Peterson and Paul Bley back in the 1950’s has sent a half-dozen interesting younger players New York’s way of late, beginning in 1985 with Renee Rosnes and continuing with D.D. Jackson, Diana Krall, Jon Ballantyne, Andy Milne and John Stetch. No one in that group is more interesting, no one fresher, than Ballantyne, who worked a few years ago with tenor saxophone star Joe Henderson but has otherwise pursued career under his own name. As well he might: He’s far too self-directed a jazz musician to swing to any drummer but his own. …The music was tremendously exiting and, in terms of its individuality, s step or two beyond anything Ballantyne’s contemporaries have played on the Senator’s grand piano. The Globe and Mail

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