John Clayton Launches Fan-funded Parlor Series On Artistshare


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John Clayton has just launched his new Parlor Series Project on ArtistShare. This Fan-Funded project will feature a series of duet recordings with John Clayton and special guests. here is what John Clayton has to say about this project::

I am very excited to announce a new series of recordings that I will be sharing with you through ArtistShare: The John Clayton Parlor Series. This project has been an ongoing dream of mine. For years, I have had an ever-growing list of musician friends I've been wanting to perform with in a duo setting. I imagine us playing and recording in a relaxed, let's-just-see-what-happens atmosphere. My dream has finally become a reality. The concept is basically me inviting you into my “Parlor" to experience the intimate and musical conversations I have with my friends.

As a participant, you will receive notes and anecdotes from me about the recording sessions, the songs, the artistic experiences, my thoughts on the project, previews of the music from the album, and more. The end result of each project in the series will be a brand new CD featuring a different artist.

The first release of the series will be an album featuring duets with my son, Gerald. He was available, open to the idea, and he gave me the family discount (ya gotta love that!).

I want to share these performances with you and invite you to come on board. We'll travel on this creative adventure together as I play these new duets in an intimate and spontaneous environment with some of my closest musical friends. Step into my parlor and enjoy some new music with us today

—John Clayton

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