Jeremy Steig/Vic Juris Duo (Tonight!)/Schizoid Music/ Poetry & More This Weekend At Cornelia Street Cafe


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July 15, 2005

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Cornelia Street Cafe 29 Cornelia Street Greenwich Village, NY 10014

Tel: 212-989-9319 Fax: 212-243-4207 Web: corneliastreetcafe.com

between West 4th and Bleecker Sts, Greenwich Village 1,9 Subway to Sheridan Square; A, C, E, B, D, F to West 4th St.

“a culinary as well as a cultural landmark" Mayoral Proclamation, City of New York 1987

This Weekend At Cornelia Street Cafe

Friday Jul 15 6:00PM PINK PONY POETRY Jackie Sheeler, host Jackie Sheeler's open mic poetry series with featured reader Trina Scordo. arrive before 6 pm to sign up. $6 admission includes a *free* drink Cover $6 (includes one house drink) http://www.poetz.com

9:00PM JEREMY STEIG DUO Jeremy Steig, flute; Vic Juris, guitar Come and hear the HOTTEST jazz flutist playing in NY. Jeremy Steig has played with Bill Evans, Art Blakey, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter and many others. He brings with him guitarist Vic Juris. Cover $12 www.jeremysteig.info , www.nyjazzreport.com

Saturday Jul 16 6:00PM MUDFISH Jill Hoffman, host Mudfish launches its new issue(#14), the great long-running Art & Poetry mag published by Jill Hoffman. Our annual bash to celebrate one of the leading downtown publications. Cover $6 (includes one house drink) 9:00PM 21ST CENTURY SCHIZOID MUSIC FESTIVAL: OTERI'S OLD TIME MUSIC

Photo © 2005 by Jeffrey Herman

Oteri's Old Time Music: New Music for Old Instruments and the String Messengers Cover $10 www.newmusicbox.org/about.nmbx#oteri

Sunday Jul 17 6:00PM BEAT NIGHT Larry Simon & Ensemble

BEAT NIGHT READERS- Alice Klugherz, Mireya Perez, Roxanne Hoffman, and Kristen Hultsman Accompanied by- The Larry Simon Ensemble-Larry Simon-Guitar/music director, Cynthia Chatis-flute, Nate Edgar-Bass, Mike Barron & Frank Laurino- Percussion, and Special Guest: Patrick Grant-keyboard For more info email Larry Simon at: [email protected] Cover $6 (includes one house drink) http://[email protected]

8:30PM 21ST CENTURY SCHIZOID MUSIC FESTIVAL: IAN MOSS AND CAPITAL M Ian Moss, vocals; Steve Griesgraber, guitar; John Hadfield, drums; Peter Hess, reeds; Brad Kemp, bass;Kyle Sanna, guitar

Capital M is a unique electric chamber ensemble that lives between the edges of contemporary classical music, hard rock, and creative improvisation. This amorphous heritage is reflected not only in the music itself, but also in the way Capital M is presented, structured, and conceived, enabling the group to engage a wide range of potential audiences. Guided by influences as diverse as Steve Reich, King Crimson, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Japanese avant-jazz guitarist Uchihashi Kazuhisa, composer and bandleader Ian Moss fuses advanced compositional techniques with the visceral thrill of metal and the improvisational freedom of experimental jazz for an unprecedented combination of grit and grace. Though the music of Capital M occupies the enigmatic territory between several genres, the band always strives to integrate its disparate influences fully and naturally into the musical and concertgoing experience.

Current members of Capital M include Ian Moss, processed vocals; Steve Griesgraber, electric guitar; John Hadfield, drums; Peter Hess, reeds; Brad Kemp, bass; and Kyle Sanna, electric guitar. All of Capital M’s members possess extensive classical training, but play in numerous jazz and/or rock ensembles around New York as well. Capital M was originally formed in May 2004, and made its debut in July 2004 as part of Frank J. Oteri’s “21st Century Schizoid Music” concert series at the Cornelia Street Café. Now they are back!!! Cover $10 www.capitalm.org

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