Jazz Near You Platform Improvements: Summer 2018


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The Jazz Near You platform continually improves resulting in an ever-growing list of concerts and venues while boosting event attendance and ticket sales worldwide. Some recent improvements include:

Jazz Festival Directory Sorted by Date

Festival? Add your 2018 or 2019 dates to your Jazz Near You festival page. When you do, your festival information will appear on our new International Jazz Festival Listing page. Festivals are sorted by event date and you must own your festival page to add your date(s). If you don't own your festival page, claim it.

Event poster / photo upload

Event uploaders can include a concert poster or band photo on their event page. Check out this SFJAZZ Center example and click on the poster to view its actual size. All uploaded photos/posters are titled and tagged and presented in the photo gallery.

Orlando Events

We've collaborated with our good friends at WUCF-FM in Orlando to present a comprehensive jazz events calendar for Central Florida at orlando.jazznearyou.com. We'd like to thank WUCF station director Kayonne Riley for making this project a success.

Europe Jazz Network directory & membership identification

A collaboration with Europe Jazz Network (EJN) is underway. Jazz Near You identifies all EJN members from our venue, festival, and presenter pages (example) and we provide access to the entire EJN member list from here: searchable by business type, location and/or member name.

Personal Calendar

We launched a personal calendar feature (read announcement) which allows members to track and set up alerts for shows they plan to attend. Jazz Near You also archives attended events and will soon allow members to document those events in the form of photos, words and a star rating.

More Jazz Events

We recently tapped into wellspring of events resulting in over 2,600 active events in NYC alone... unfortunately, some non-jazz events found their way into our database. If you spot one, kindly report it to me with the musician's name and your city location. Thanks!

Improved Phone Interface

The Jazz Near You website is more responsive across all devices: it's less cluttered, with only essential information, and we reduced the number of ads you see on a phone. We also anchor a map of today's events to the footer section on the home page.

Improved Search

You can now search for venues and festivals outside of your current city location.

More to come

We'll continue to aggregate more events and we're keen to develop an Alexa skill and have her announce jazz concerts near you. Look for our Top Jazz Venue and Top Jazz Festival polls soon.

To learn more about our future projects and how you can support them, please go here.


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