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With the impending launch of the highly anticipated Jazz Near You website, I want to address a few related topics as we prepare to go live with the website and mobile app.

Our service is only as reliable as the content entered. As a crowd-sourcing website and with no paid staff to verify entered data, we rely on you to make sure that what you enter is accurate, complete and professional. We hope to recruit local advocates to help us complete or correct existing venue listings, but recruiting will be a process and take time.

We're not Wikipedia. We don't have a staff of data editors or data miners. We are less than a handful of people who are building a platform to support jazz in a manner that works within our modest budget.

Jazz Near You is driven by technology; as technologists, we listen to our users and strive to continually improve the website and our service. If you are a presenter, venue owner, musician or simply have an idea, please pass it along. If it's doable, we'll implement it.

Your support (advertising and ideas) is greatly appreciated as the greater support we receive, the more rapidly we can develop JNY and that benefits everyone associated with jazz (from musicians to fans).

We'll also need your help with spreading the word about the Jazz Near You website and mobile app. Please Facebook Like it, Tweet about it, send the website link to your friends and hip the locals to it.

Jazz Near You is a platform that will serve jazz communities in cities around the world and not just in your home town.

Speaking of the world, your default Jazz Near You page will show events happening in your area. But travelers will have the option to view events in other cities. Traveling to Paris? Change your Jazz Near You to Paris. Copenhagen? Change it again. You can even change the language setting to translate the page to your native language, so readers in Istanbul can view their information in Turkish.

Most of the heavy-lifting programming work to build the website is complete, but we have plans to add lots more features and functionality throughout the remainder of 2012.

Jazz Near You offers a tremendous opportunity to jazz fans and professionals worldwide. But it needs the support of an active community to succeed. We hope we can rely on your support as we move forward.

I'll be back in touch on launch day. Until then...

Michael Ricci
Founder All About Jazz / Jazz Near You

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