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Jazz Near You is Here! Join the Party!


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Attn: Presenters, Record Labels and Musicians!

With the launching of Jazz Near You, All About Jazz has taken a giant step forward in reaching every jazz fan on the planet by creating a network of nearly 200 websites worldwide.

If you're a musician or presenter, now's the time to plug in.

By submitting your events to AAJ/JNY (how-to explained below), you'll leverage our platform to reach local readers through Jazz Near You, through our weekly Jazz Near You concert calendar email blast, through the Jazz Near You app and at our All About Jazz website.

Musicians, please submit your gigs so we can distribute them to the following locations:

You can submit your gig information via:

  • the submission form (for single and recurring events);
  • the CSV file upload form (for multiple events);
  • your GigPress feed (for WordPress users only);
  • your ArtistData feed (you must select All About Jazz as an approved destination);
  • an XML file (this option requires programming knowledge).

If you have a single gig to submit, use the the submission form, but if you have multiple gigs to upload, please go with the CSV file option.

To learn more about Jazz Near You, visit our “Welcome“ page and review “Jazz Near You: Top to Bottom."

Presenter Tip:

If you are a music presenter or venue owner, please select that designation in the “Occupation" box associated with your member account. Once selected, you’ll see a “Presented By” box on the event submission form. If you’ve added your business listing to the AAJ/JNY database, you can select it from the auto-completion box. After the event is associated with your organization, we'll present it this way on the event detail page:

In this example, Jazz Bridge is the presenting organization.

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