Jazz at Chateau Palmer with Michel Portal and Yaron Herman on March 25


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Listen to Château Palmer, a Margaux great growth, and its Alter Ego: the 2010 vintage interpreted by Michel Portal and Yaron Herman performing at a concert given at Château Palmer on Friday, 25 March 2011, broadcasted live on France Musique and on the Web

A première and a preview during En Primeur week!

In March 2010, Château Palmer invited the jazz pianist Jacky Terrasson to improvise on the theme of the 2009 vintage at a private concert. This was simply amazing.

So, in 2011, a few hours before the start of the en primeur barrel tastings in Bordeaux—restricted to professionals—Château Palmer has decided to celebrate the 2010 vintage in a unique way.

Michel Portal, one of the greatest clarinettists, and Yaron Herman, an impressive young pianist— welcomed by Thomas Duroux, Managing Director and oenologist (as well as a keen jazz enthusiast)—will familiarize themselves with the world of Château Palmer and have a preview tasting of the 2010 vintage of Château Palmer and Alter Ego.

Full of impressions and sensations, the two jazz musicians will then reflect the mood and the musical reverberations inspired by the wines. Michel Portal, for Château Palmer, a Margaux great growth, and Yaron Herman for Alter Ego, the other wine from Palmer, will interpret and perform the vibrations they feel from the 2010 vintage: its originality, its nuances, and its soul transposed into music on the night of the concert.

These two great artists will alternate, combine, and oppose their “tasting notes" during a unique performance.

The link between jazz and Château Palmer:

Jazz = tradition, innovation, memory, improvisation, receptiveness, and dialogue. Thanks to his understanding and technical expertise, strong connections with his artistic milieu, and a palpitating atmosphere, the musician creates the foundations of his artistic creation and performs in total liberty. Starting from a harmonic grid, he branches out to unchartered territory in ways that are utterly surprising from one moment to the next in an inspired and truly personal way.

It is much the same for wine, which starts out with basic parameters: terroir, climate, grape variety, and a set of techniques. However, creating fine wine also takes inspiration, good taste, expertise, and an excellent memory that tie everything together. That is how great wines are made.

Two great jazz musicians: Michel Portal and Yaron Herman:

Saying that clarinettist Michel Portal is a jazz musician tells only part of the story. In fact, he is “a music man." A magnificent, inspired, expressive artist, he has received just about every prize in existence, and is famous all over the world. He excels in all kinds of music: classical (both as a soloist and in chamber ensembles), contemporary (where he is a major figure), and jazz (where he plays with all the greats). However, he is always ready for new experiences, provided that they are very challenging—which is why he is coming to Château Palmer to interpret 2010 Château Palmer.

Yaron Herman's career is rather unusual. Born in 1981 in Tel-Aviv, his was well on the way to becoming a professional basketball player when an injury prevented him. He had begun playing the piano at the age of sixteen thanks to a revolutionary new teaching method. He has had a dazzling career, and is currently considered one of the best pianists of his generation. At Château Palmer, he will accompany Michel Portal and interpret 2010 Alter Ego.

Two great wines: Château Palmer and Alter Ego:

Château Palmer has 55 hectares of thin gravel soil on the banks of the Gironde estuary. The estate was purchased in 1814 by an Englishman, Colonel Palmer, followed by the Pereire brothers, who built the château and surrounding “village," including the cellar where the concert will be held. Château Palmer has belonged for many years to wine merchants of Dutch, English, and Bordelais origin.

A great growth from the Margaux appellation, Palmer is the most perfect expression of its terroir. The estate has been managed since 2004 by Thomas Duroux, an agricultural engineer and oenologist.

Château Palmer, a Margaux grand cru classé, is a tremendously elegant wine combining the softness of silk and the nobility of leather. Its complex bouquet is redolent of fruit, flowers, and spice, and it is full-boded, generous, and well-structured on the palate. The 2010 vintage of Château Palmer is completely in keeping with this profile, although en primeur tastings always have an unexpected and surprising side.

Alter Ego, Château Palmer's other wine, is a modern interpretation of the grand vin. Like jazz starting out from the same grid, Alter Ego is also made from Palmer's great terroir. Superbly smooth and round on the palate, it is a more spontaneous, naturally forthcoming wine.

Château Palmer and France Musique have joined forces to enable a maximum number of wine and jazz lovers to “hear" a preview of the 2010 vintage of Château Palmer and Alter Ego. This is a truly joyous occasion for Château Palmer.

The concert can be heard on Friday, March 25th at 10:30 pm (GMT+1): on Château Palmer's site and on their Facebook page.

The concert can also be heard on France Musique, from 10:30 pm to midnight on: “Jazz Club" by Yvan Amar.

The concert at Château Palmer will be broadcast in its entirety.

Prior to the concert, Alex Dutilh will devote his “Open Jazz" programme to a special “Jazz et Vin" theme, including interviews with Thomas Duroux, Managing Director of Château Palmer, Pierre Gagnaire, chef of the famous three-star restaurant, Estelle Touzet, head sommelier at the Hôtel Meurice, and François Théberge, saxophonist and winegrower.

To look at and listen to last year's event “Ecouter Palmer 2009" by Jacky Terrasson, please click here.

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