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Janet Robbins Releases Third & Final Volume of the - Carrying the Bag of Hearts, Interpreting the Birth of Stars


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When Janet Robbins started working on what became Carrying the Bag of Hearts, Interpreting the Birth of Stars she was in a period of much transition and exploration in Woodstock, New York.

Inspired by the deep timelessness of the area she created a variety of musical parts, ideas and sections that were later completed in Asheville, North Carolina, where she now resides. The pieces all reflected a sort of soul retrieval nature, journeying through various realms of timeless states/consciousness to regain parts of yourself.

A track from Carrying the Bag of Hearts, Volume I received the First Place Award in Just Plain Folks Music Awards Ambient Songwriters category.

Praise for Volumes I and II included: “Robbins masterfully makes good use of varying intensity, special effects and thematic developments to fill her compositions with passion and color" (Morpheus Music); “...riveting and compelling look deep inside the spaced out world of ambient music..." (, “The music remains engaging even after repeated listenings," (Stars End); “Strikes out in new ambient directions" (Wind and Wire).

The last CD in this series of space, ambient, soundscape musings, Carrying the Bag of Hearts, Volume III has just been released.

Track description: “Nibiru's Crossing," a mid-groove deep space symphonic track, about the planet first observed by the ancient Sumerians; “Ascension" - an ambient groove space track; “Walking The Milky Way" - a textural guitar loop recorded with a Stratocaster and “Train to Rhinecliff" - dark space groove with a returning home theme, closing the CD and volume series.

Janet grew up playing classical piano and later picked up guitar. The songs from her 1998 release All The Worlds were written on guitar, piano and keyboards, influenced by Kate Bush, Tori Amos and compared to Jim Morrison. A world traveler her compositions are as equally influenced by the imagery of ancient sacred sites in Turkey, England, Egypt or the mountains of upstate New York and Asheville.

Equipment list: Mackie D8B console, Logic Pro 7.2.3 on a Mac Pro, Genelec monitors, Spectrasonic's Stylus RMX, Distorted Reality, and Liquid Grooves plus various software synths and plug-ins, Lexicon reverb units. An Electrix Filter Factory and Electrix Repeater, Digitech 2101 processor, various Emu synth modules and samplers, a Korg Wavestation, Fender guitars for loops as well as Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, assorted household noises and Moms Lowry organ.

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