Jacob Varmus Releases His New CD "Adhering To The Law Of Pleasure"


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Varmus Releases His New CD; All the Things We Still Can Be With an Adherence to Pleasure Is the Law

The Jacob Varmus Quintet focuses on music that sounds natural without adhering to any theory or dictum--except perhaps Debussy's 'pleasure is the law'. Varmus the composer favors the tradition of great jazz composers like Wayne Shorter and Thelonious Monk who have a penchant for creating pieces with hummable, memorable melodies and an approach to harmony and texture that imbues the music with striking shades of emotion. Varmus the trumpeter features a round warm tone with an envelope pushing harmonic sense. He's joined with a fantastically empathic band, each with plenty to say in his own right. All the Things We Still Can Be , Varmus' first release as leader, features originals that prod each player into new dimensions of thoughtful, soulful invention.

Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap explains: Here's a new trumpet player that will simply blow you away. Falling in love with trumpet at 2 years old, he has carried his life long love affair with the instrument to extremes that have really taken him places along the way. This set shows him falling right in step with the masters and the greats. While he might be paying a debt of gratitude, he mostly stands on his own two feet with a smooth, round tone that s all his own and will earn him stature right next to the greats that have come before. A pure player that doesn't go in for farce or overwrought chops displays, Varmus is one solid jazzbo to keep an ear out for because he's too good to miss.

Join Varmus and his group; Nate Radley (guitar), Kris Davis (piano), Yoshi Waki (bass), Brian Woodruff (drums), but do not come expecting the ordinary.

Who: Jacob Varmus

When: Wednesday October 11, 2006 Time: 10pm to 11:30pm

Where: Cornelia Street Caf, 29 Cornelia Street, NYC 10014

Venue Phone: P: (212)989-9319 F: (212) 243-4207

Tickets: Call Ahead For Reservations

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