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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey's Chris Combs Interviewed at All About Jazz


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On a Memorial Day in 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma, an encounter between a young black shoe shiner named Dick Rowland and a white elevator operator named Sarah Page—an incident that was reported with hazy details and shocking incompleteness—started one of the most brutal and tragic race riots in American history. Even more tragic, however, was how little the event was discussed by national or even Oklahoman sources. It was an event that Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey's pedal steel guitarist Chris Combs, like many proud Oklahomans, felt needed to be told.

The result, Race Riot Suite (Kinnara, 2011), is a sweeping statement that finds an expanded JFJO exploring more stylistic territory than ever before, with the help of high-profile guests like trumpeter Steven Bernstein and saxophonist Peter Apfelbaum.

Daniel Lehner spoke with Combs about the genesis of Race Riot Suite, and an even more ambitious project, Ludwig, that reimagines Ludwig van Beethoven's Third and Sixth Symphonies, and asserts that the 17th century classical composer's music is far more relevant today than most think.

Check out Daniel's in-depth interview with Combs, Chris Combs: Jacob Fred's Tulsa Tale and read Doug Collette's insightful CD review of Race Riot Suite, both published today at All About Jazz. You can also download a full track from Slow Breath, Silent Mind, JFJO's 2003 live disc, released by Kufala Recordings.

All About Jazz is committed to bringing you the most extensive coverage surrounding new releases, so be sure to check out all the buzz surrounding Chris Combs, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey and Race Riot Suite, today at All About Jazz!

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