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Italy's finest jazz players unite in Domenico Sanna Trio's debut album


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Take three of Italy's finest jazz players and combine them in the same band. The result? It's Too Marvelous for Words. Featuring pianist Domenico Sanna, bassist Giorgio Rosciglione, and drummer Marco Valeri, the group has the distinction of being the first jazz band signed to Rome, Italy's Tosky Records label. Naming themselves the Domenico Sanna Trio, their debut album Too Marvelous for Words provides credibility to the swagger behind the record's name. The group isn't boasting, at least not in a way that isn't deserved; they are really good, much better than most of their competition.

There are numerous highlights on Too Marvelous for Words. On the title cut, Valeri's shuffling drums produces an invigorating backbeat as Sanna's lively, sparkling piano playing and Rosciglione's thumping bass lines unite beauty and power in a seemingly effortless manner. The band seems to aim for a similar effect on “Midnight Sun," in which Rosciglione's darkened bass acts as the counterpoint to the brightness of Sanna's piano. There is a heart-stopping moment in “Midnight Sun" when the group suddenly falls quiet but then reappears with newly found force. Quite obviously, even though that this is their first album, these are stellar veteran musicians who are keenly aware of band dynamics. “They play often here in Rome, especially Giorgio Rosciglione," said Giorgio Lovecchio, CEO of Tosky Records. “They're famous here, and they have many gigs in jazz clubs."

The Domenico Sanna Trio was signed to Tosky Records the old-fashioned way: Lovecchio saw them in concert. “I met Domenico Sanna many years ago, during our music study; he was a colleague of mine," Lovecchio explained. “I listened to this trio three to four times in jazz clubs before deciding to do it." Besides their responsibilities with the trio, the members are heavily involved in Italy's jazz scene. “Every band member has four to five side projects himself."

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