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Isaac Allen Releases "Don't Smoke"


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It is hard to keep in mind that Mr. Isaac Allen is only twenty-four years young when listening to the tracks of heartache, addiction, death row, and back alleys that compose his brilliantly honest debut—Don't Smoke.

Don't Smoke shows Allen's lyrical talents, melding of jazz and blues in day when artists of this type are teetering on the brink of extinction; however, he isn't simply recreating what past greats have done; instead, like the singer-songwriter giants before him, Isaac Allen has actually gone out and experienced the darker side of life, the heartache and suffering personified in his songs, grown from those experiences, and now delivers these warnings in a bluesy soulful rasp reminiscent of Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen.

Singing about his past and hearing the raw and true emotion in his performances is what makes Allen and Don't Smoke stand out. This is truly genuine music from a modern-day bluesman. You can learn more about Isaac Allen and see his latest show dates on his website.

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