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The innovative new website jazzgreatsonline.com has been launched for jazz lovers everywhere. This classic collection is available for the first time as a weekly downloadable collectable magazine in pdf format and MP3 music tracks. It provides some of the best digital remastering of classic jazz music around.

For only $4.99/€3.99/£2.99 per issue, you will receive direct to your email inbox a download of more than an hour of listening with around 20 hand-picked, digitally remastered tracks featuring world-famous jazz artists. You will also receive a colour magazine covering every aspect of the artists' lives--from no-holds-barred biographies to a comprehensive guide to their music and a track-by-track analysis of your downloaded collection, along with CD inlays for each issue.

Master of remastering

The work of the leading jazz personalities has been delicately and respectfully remastered by the late John R.T. Davies--the world specialist in the art of sound restoration and a passionate devotee of classic jazz music from the period 1917 to 1940. John's technique of remastering kept the unique sound personalities of the musicians, and, unlike many remasterings, preserves the “feel" of the original recording. He always wanted to 'keep the air around the music' while getting rid of the “snap, crackle and pop"--a process he described as “decerealisation."

Drawing on John R. T. Davies' vast and unique collection of rare recordings--and those of friends--the tracks in the Jazz Greats Collection are taken from early wax cylinders, 78's and even piano rolls and taped radio broadcasts, some of which have never been committed to disc before. As always, John's alchemy transformed and captured them all.

In the know

Knowing the music teaches you about the person, knowing the person teaches you about the music. And that is precisely what this collection does--from Bix Beiderbecke to Billie Holiday, Bunny Berigan to Bob Crosby, and Sidney Bechet to Count Basie. Each issue is not simply a “Greatest Hits" album, nor a one-off concert, but a well-researched and compiled selection of music that takes you through the highs and lows of a vast variety of jazz lives.

The magazines, written by such jazz luminaries such as Tony Russell, Alyn Shipton, Dave Gelly, Brian Priestley and Peter Vacher provides the essential background to the artists' lives and the events that moulded their personalities and defined their music. Poverty and wealth, fame and obscurity, alcoholism and drug abuse, loves found and loves lost puts the flesh on the bones of often tragic lives that left a legacy of some of the greatest music ever played. But it is not all gloom, and each article is seasoned with hilarious anecdotes and spiced with pithy and poignant quotes from the artists and their contempories.

The track-by-track guide to your downloaded music is more than a simple listening guide. It dissects each piece of music with insight and wit, often surprising you with the minutiae and trivia about the personnel on the recording and their changing techniques.

As an extra, each download comes with a CD sleeve that details the date and place of the recording and the personnel and the instrument (or instruments) they play on each track. It is here that you will find such unusual jazz instruments as the harp, the red-hot fountain pen and church organ!

The music and magazine combined provides the perfect course in jazz history as well as great music at a bargain price.

Green notes for some blue notes

Jazz Greats also has a green tinge. There is no packaging, no transport costs and no wasted paper. It is up to you if you print out your downloads or archive them on your computer for reading and future reference. And you don't have to go out in the rain to the retailer to collect it.

The collection is compatible with both PCs and Macs and although you may need a certain amount of memory to collect it online it is easiest to go to jazzgreatsonline.com and download the free sample of more than an hour of swing music. This will show you how it works. And while you are there, check out the future issues and find every piece of music that is available in each magazine. All only a click away!

The website is specially designed to be simple to use and has been extensively tested on novice users. Payments are made directly through the secure system of PayPal.

For more information and a free sample visit jazzgreatsonline.com.

For further press enquiries contact 0751 535 4915 or simon@octavian-direct.com.

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