International Association Of Jazz Managers (IAJM) Announces Their Inaugural Meeting At Jazz Ahead! In Bremen, Germany


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New York, NY: Nu Jazz Management has just announced that it leading the charge on formulating a coalition of Jazz Managers to be called the International Association of Jazz Managers (IAJM). IAJM will be having their first meeting at the Jazzahead! Music conference in Bremen, Germany on Saturday, April 25th, 2015 from 17:00-18:00 in Halle 6 (1st Floor), in Office Room 2. The Jazzahead! music conference will beheld in the Bremen Exhibition Center, as part of the (3) European Jazz Expo.

The purpose and goal of the new coalition organization is to:

  • Create and promote new and stronger business opportunities for jazz musicians around the world.
  • Provide an easier opportunity for music industry professionals with like ideals and interest to easily and conveniently share and discuss information which impacts their common interests.
  • Create a consolidated organization who can create, develop, and implement key minimual standards that can reflect the core values of ideal business models applicable industry wide.
  • To provide training to a group of people similarly interested in the advancement of music in the genres of jazz, which would provide for the advancement of the interests of the musicians they work with and to push the music’s growth potential forward.
“For a long time I think Jazz Managers have had to go it alone out of necessity”, says Nu Jazz Management’s Managing Director, Jerald Miller, “I think that it was in a way, the individualistic spirit of jazz, as much as anything else. But times have changed, and while many of us work together, those chances for us to do so are few and far between. With the new industry we need to have more transparency in the way we share information, and the ways we can work together, collectively. I think of it as 'A high tide can float all ships' theory.”

“As a jazz artist manager in Canada, there are not a lot of opportunities to gather with other jazz managers.”, says Judith Humenick, founder of Judith Humenick Productions & Board member of Jazz Education Network (JEN). “While we gather at certain events, I have always noticed that there is a lot more that we can do as a group to benefit everyone. It is my hope with this new organization we can work more effectively and efficiently work to improve the business of Jazz for everyone.”

This story appears courtesy of Nu Jazz Publicity.
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