In a Whisper... Between Ambient and Jazz, a Love Call


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In music, as in life, a fortuitous encounter can generate a spark of poetry. This is what happened between Gino Fioravanti (at the piano) and Mirko Fait (at the soprano saxophone). To bring together these two artists was John Toso (co-author of the pieces) who skilfully led the two musicians on parallel paths.

The evanescent notes and the relaxing, almost hypnotic, melodies played by Fioravanti on a grand piano Steinway, intertwine the smooth sound of a soprano saxophone which, although it has a romantic tone, comes from a language inspired by jazz. You can notice it especially in the improvisations full of serene energy that accompany the melodic lines of the pieces (even John Toso’s). Rarefied atmospheres which meet more and more the taste of an audience attentive to these tones without frontiers, whether territorial, racial or musical.

“In a whisper” is without any doubt a love song, a reflection of unsaid words, of stolen glances. Music for relaxing but also emotionally intense moments.

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