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Hushed Events Lets Artists Rewards Fans with Private Calls Using Temporary Numbers


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Private messaging and calls enter a new promotional dimension with the launch of Hushed Events. Hushed is known for providing temporary phone numbers for smartphone calls using their app to keep your number secure. This week they debuted a system for people with a following, from old school celebs to new school Viners, who want to connect with fans without giving out personal details. Hushed Events allows fans to register for a call, receive notifications if won and connect the fan and artist.

Though you can always block your cellphone number, connecting artists and fans privately can be done more easily with the new Hushed Events.

Hushed offers private calls and messages using temporary numbers through a mobile app.

Features include the offer of area codes from over 40 countries and pricing seems quite reasonable given the unique services.

Hushed Events takes the service and adds a form of contest management:

“Fans first download the Hushed App and find an upcoming Hushed Event featuring their favorite celebrities. During the event fans receive one entry into a pool where fans are selected to talk live with the celebrity. Additional entries codes can be offered through promotions, shared on a celebrity’s social media channels, purchased within the app for $0.99, or earned by inviting friends to participate in the event."

“When a fan is selected they receive a push notification informing them that the won and to keep their Hushed app open so they can receive a direct, live call from the celebrity."

“Organizers can customize event length, number of fans who can participate, and the individual call lengths to create a pool of eligible fans...Celebrities can connect from anywhere with a wifi or mobile data connection from their iPhone or Android device with the Hushed app."

It sounds like a useful solution for artists building rabid followings or who have enough visibility that they don't want their phone number made available but do want to run a direct call campaign for fans.

In an interesting twist in keeping with our times:

“The entire event is automatic recorded and archived so the event can be published and shared."

Cause what good is an incredibly meaningful private experience if you can't share it with the world or use it to market your career?

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