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How to Reach the Best Music Business Contacts. Period.


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What if you could reverse the sinking feeling you get when you send an email blast to hundreds of contacts that goes entirely unanswered? What if you were able to better understand how to break into the industry instead of trying the shotgun approach and hoping for a hit? Would you? Because you can. It all comes down to genuine relationship building.

You don't want to blindly spam people with self-proclaimed accolades, instead, try aligning yourself with people who you admire that are doing similar work. Trade magazines are the music industry's encyclopedia. Pay attention. Go to the events, do the schoozing, observe what's taking place around you and strategically place yourself where opportunity may present itself. Join Andy Lykens as he discusses how to build and maintain quality music business contacts on

“I’ve met creative directors from ad agencies, executive producers, and fellow music business folks just by actively reminding myself that no one will talk to me if I don’t talk to them first. Yes, it’s tough to strike up a conversation with a random stranger. Trust me, I would rather sit drunk in a corner in my apartment trying to brush my dog’s teeth than be social sometimes. It's always worth it."

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